Richard Maunsell

Chief Mechanical Engineer of SE&CR - 1923 and SR 1923 - 1937
rel maunsell

Richard E.L Maunsell (26th May 1868 - 7th March 1944)

Richard Edward Lloyd Maunsell was born in Ireland in 1868.

He started his railway career with a Three Year apprentiship at The Great Southern & Western Railway's (GW&SR) works in Dublin. Following this, in 1886, Maunsell worked in the Drawing Office at Horwich Works (as Sir Nigel Gresley had done before him), then became a Locomotive Foreman for the Lancashire & Yorkshire Railway.

 In 1894 he moved to India to become the Locomotive Superintendent of the East India Railway. After two years, he returned to the GSWR's works in Dublin where he became works manager. Fifteen years later, he was promoted to the Locomotive Superintendent.

In 1913 Maunsell moved to England and was made the Chief Mechanical Engineer (CME) of the South Eastern & Chatham Railway (SE&CR), succeeding Harry Wainwright. During the period between 1913 and 1923 Maunsell designed his 'N' Class moguls and the K-Class 'River Tanks'. In 1923 SE&CR became part of the Southern Railway, as part of the 1923 Grouping. Maunsell was appointed CME, thus becoming Southern Railway's first CME. He remained in this position until he retired in 1937, and was succeeded by O.S. Bullied. It was during the period under Southern Railway that Maunsell designed his most well known Locomotives, such as the 4-4-0 'Schools' Class and the 4-6-0 'Lord Nelsons'.

Maunsell died in 1944, at the age of 75.